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23-3-2010 Tuesday


A solid warm up started the night, with our legs and arms getting a good work out.

Tonight Warren explained that we have been working through the blue belt syllabus on Tuesdays for the last couple of months and that soon we would have completed it and there will be training reviewing it all.

With that in mind tonight we did knee ride position, near arm bar from knee ride and then setting up a situation where you can apply a choke or a near side arm bar depending on the response of your opponent.

We started in short base side control. We then made a bit of space between our knee closest to our opponent’s head, which allowed us to slide our left hand in and grip the opponent’s gi just above the elbow. Then we moved our right hand and put it on the floor next to our opponent’s hip and used it to post up and slide our knee into position on the centre of their stomach. As we did this we were popping up, putting our full weight on our knee, sliding our left leg out to post lightly and keeping the toes of our right leg off the floor. We maintain the grip on our opponent’s near arm pulling up, lifting their shoulder off the ground. The other hand grips their pants at the far knee, again pulling up, lifting their leg off the floor and adding our weight down. Warren pointed out that, in this position it’s important to look up keeping your back straight and your weight focused down on your opponent. After explaining this he channelled Cath and Kim and repeated “look at moi, look at moi, look at moi” over and over again.

After drilling us through getting and holding the position, Warren demonstrated the near side arm bar from the knee ride. From the knee ride position we stepped our leg closest to their head over their head and then slid our other leg up so our lower leg is against their arm, while still kneeling on our opponent. Then, squeezing our legs together, we slid down their arm and moved back into the arm bar. Keeping our opponent’s arm with the thumb pointed at the ceiling, we lifted our hips and applied the arm bar.

Here’s  Nick Ovens using a version of it to win a fight in a Gi comp last year. YouTube Preview Image Yes, you did just see that pure awesomeness.  credit to Mel for the music (or is that a disclaimer from me….).

We also drilled the no-gi version of this, where you get a hold on your opponent’s wrist instead of gi and then control the elbow of the raised arm with the other hand.

For the last setup, we worked on creating reaction from our opponent that would allow us to arm bar or apply a choke.

We set up the knee ride but then use our rear hand to insert a grip deep in the near side collar of our opponent, while still maintaining a strong knee ride. If our opponent turns away from us we apply the near side arm bar. If he turns toward us we let go of the arm and quickly slap our hand on their far shoulder, grabbing a hand full of gi. We then sprawl down hard, bringing the same arm back across the neck of the opponent and complete a cross lapel choke.

We drilled this thoroughly and then moved to rolling.

There are 10 members from the club looking to enter ICNZ’s Contender submission wrestling tournament this weekend so there were a lot of people working on the No Gi technique in rolling.

Another very full Tuesday mat which is great!


Sorry, I didn’t make it to this class. I am sure it was awesome, because it always is when I am not there. I may attempt to interview someone that did make it and enlighten you as to the awesomeness that happened. Watch this space.

If you’ve been watching this space, sorry,  no one  will talk….. because it was so awesome…..(or maybe i haven’t asked?). Either way, we’re all missing out!  The lesson is… go to training.

Cam D

Warren Wins Silver

Warren Lambert and Mark Corkhill the trainers from Submission North Shore flew across to Australia for the Will/Machado Asia Pacific Championships otherwise known as The Gathering.

Warren took 2nd place in his division after winning 4 fights, unfortunately Mark was eliminated in the first round.

Mark and Warren are attending the Rigan Machado Seminar in Melbourne on Sunday.